Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top Ten: things I don't miss about 'How We Used To Do It'

1. The dead space & dead silence after a pastor/speaker announced a certain person was coming up (from the congregation) to sing a special using a track. "Let's all worship with ______ as he/she sings"

2. The dead space & dead silence while that special singer was waiting for the special soundman to start the special track.

3. The weird feeling for the person singing when they forgot their place or their words and had to wait for the song to get back to the chorus.

4. When losing their place, he/she was immediately lost in The Spirit until they found their place again.

5. The awkward obligatory hand-clap once the singer/track was finished.

6. Not the smooth lowering of the fader on the soundboard, but the square 'stop' button that killed that track.

7. The odd sound of silence between the 2 choir songs, the slow one, and then the fast one.

8. The unrest when someone was singing a solo and it was their first time.

9. The members of a trio or quartet that bashed each other between songs and thought it was hilarious.

10. The youth choir singing a new vanilla progressive choir song on a Sunday morning while everyone watched.


  1. There is a #11: When the track had a musical solo for like 30 seconds.

  2. Hahahaha! Yes! I used to love to sing by soundtrack! And let everyone sit and stare. I actually used to love sitting and staring at a "soundtracker" even more.

    Every SINGLE point in this post is right across home-plate. I am sooooo glad we don't do this anymore. What scares me is, there are still some churches who do...